Vocational Discernment

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Week Two
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Bill Goettler, Associate Dean for Leadership Initiatives and Ministry, has for ten years worked closely with all Master of Divinity students at YDS, as they make their way through the degree program and seek to discern how to make sense of their ministry plans and calling.

Bill is an ordained Presbyterian minister, who served in Presbyterian parishes for 30 years. He will be available for one-hour long consultations with people registered for a summer session class.

If you express interest in one of these sessions, Bill will ask you to do some reflective work ahead of time, sending your written responses to his office two weeks before your appointment. This will be of particular interest to parish clergy who are approaching a time of professional transition, and seek a time of confidential counsel.

A limited number of appointments will be available, and will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

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Bill Goettler