Workshop: Communicating Strategically for Churches and other Organizations

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Week One
Tuesday, June 6
4:30 - 6:00

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Please note, this is a single-session, afternoon workshop.

What messages about your church or organization are most likely to connect with your key audiences and advance your mission?  How do you know whether to pursue a given event, or possible story, or advertising proposal–or not?  What is worth sharing on Facebook, or Twitter?  Other than to convey information, why do we communicate?  (Hint: It’s all about relationships.)

Tom Krattenmaker, Communications Director at Yale Divinity School and a contributing columnist for USA Today, will lead a workshop conversation about strategic communications.  Krattenmaker is the architect of strategic communications plans at multiple educational institutions and nonprofits.  He will share experiences and case studies that demystify strategic communications and show how organizations can get the most out of their communications efforts and expenditures.

Yale Divinity School

Tom Krattenmaker