Environmental Symposium

Summer Symposium: Religion and Environmental Stewardship, June 5-7

This environmental symposium —aimed at clergy, lay leaders, and seminary faculty—will engage experts from Yale and across the country to address topics such as the greening of seminaries and churches, curricular initiatives in eco-theology, climate change, environmental justice, and preaching and liturgical approaches to environmental stewardship. The symposium will include a screening, and discussion, of the movie Journey of the Universe, for which Yale Divinity School Senior Lecturer and Research Scholars Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim served as executive producers.   The symposium is co-sponsored by YDS, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.  Made possible through support of The H. Boone and Violet M. Porter Chair in Religion and Environmental Stewardship Fund. Tuition is  $100, and the registration deadline is May 15.  Students may register free of charge.  Click on the Register Now! button to register for the symposium.

For further information about the conference, contact Joanne Van Vlack at 203-432-6550 or joanne.vanvlack@yale.edu.

Please note: The registration deadline for this conference is May 15th

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