The students’ different perspectives introduced an element of practical experience that provided a rich cauldron of material to apply to the (classroom discussion). An invaluable experience!

—Julie Johnson, executive leadership coach

I got a lot out of the course. And being on campus was wonderful. It was like I had come home. I now have a fantasy of retiring and becoming a student there!

—Keltner Locke, administrative law judge

Everyone from the professors to the custodians is outgoing, friendly, and humble. The classes are very challenging. I don’t have the background of someone who went to seminary, but I was able to keep on top of things and the professors are very accommodating.

—Stephen Schroeder, retired high school history teacher

The diversity of the students is the beauty of it. They all brought their own ideas. And the instructor’s enthusiasm was unmatched.

—Susan Fast, minister

It was incredible in one week to be able to learn so much more about theology (and) art. … I found the Yale class to be wonderfully eye-opening.

—Tracey O’Shaughnessy, journalist