Week 1

Portraits in Bi-Vocational Ministry

Wednesday, June 5, 4:30 - 6:00

Nathan Speck-Ewer and Kat Banakis

Cost $25

This 90-minute workshop connects ministry professionals, those interested in ministry,  and Yale Divinity alumni who either already are bi-vocational ministers/tent-makers or are seeking to find out more about bi-vocational ministry.  Two YDS alumni, Kat Banakis ‘09 and Nathan Speck-Ewer ‘00, will host this workshop and facilitate alumni sharing their experiences.  While bi-vocational ministry is as old as the Christian Church, it is newly relevant for many congregation-based ministries today.  Guided by the facilitators’ questions, we will hear stories and gain insights.  The workshop will look especially toward the positive opportunities and the serious challenges that bi-vocational ministry presents for churches and those wishing to serve in churches.

Kat Banakis ‘09 M.Div. is Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics at Grenzebach Glier and Associates, a fundraising consulting firm. She is also Vicar at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Evanston, IL). She is the author of Bubble Girl: An Irreverent Journey of Faith, which addresses tent-making in the contemporary church. She hosts and produces the interfaith ethics podcast, the Holy Holy Podcast.

Nathan Speck-Ewer ‘00 M.Div. is an English and Language Arts Teacher at Rowlett Middle Academy.  He is also Vicar of Resurrection Episcopal Church (Largo, FL).  He has served as a chaplain, administrator, and teacher in Episcopal schools and a Department of Juvenile Justice sponsored school for middle school boys at the highest risk for dropping out of school.  He has also previously as an associate rector, rector, and interim rector of Episcopal churches in California and Connecticut.   

Week 2

Profiles in Leadership

Wednesday, June 12, 4:30-6:00

Bill Goettler

Cost $25

This workshop, led by Bill Goettler, YDS Associate Dean for Ministerial and Social Leadership, will present and discuss stories of leadership models in the 21st century church.  We will explore the leadership of a half dozen ground-breaking leaders in church and society, all of whom have taught and modeled their approach at YDS during the last few years.  This workshop is not only for YDS graduates, but all attendees of Summer Study are invited and encouraged to attend.